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Purchasing or selling a small business


Buying a small business can be a major decision with many aspects to consider to ensure a fair price is paid.

Lume can help you with your purchase decision by reviewing a seller's financial records in detail and asking the right questions to help determine a businesses true value.

We look into things such as the Revenue/Profitability trend of the business (are they increasing/decreasing), the quality of any clients being sold with the business, the running costs of the business (salaries, rent etc.), the fair value of any tangible assets to be transferred and so forth.

We also benchmark the seller's financial statements and reported margins against industry averages to identify any material variances that would need to be better understood.

Our thorough analysis will allow you to make an informed decision to proceed or not with a small business purchase.

If you are looking to sell your small business, Lume can assist with helping to facilitate the transaction and liasing on your behalf with interested parties or their representatives.

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